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Arsenal Can't Win The Title - The Logic and The Pizza

The morning after Arsenal's home defeat by West Ham I had a twelve inch double pepperoni pizza with extra jalapeño for breakfast. My wife knew I was upset as she tended to our child whilst I moped on the sofa. I am hungover. I am weary, I made the decision to get incredibly intoxicated after Arsenal's opening day defeat. It was the only way I knew how to deal with what had happened, the only way to deal with the abuse from rival fans, the only way to move forward. I'm regretting that decision.

I login to Facebook; ah, a Liverpool fan has reminded me that I said "Arsenal will win the league." This is funny because obviously after losing to West Ham it is impossible for Arsenal to win the league. I ponder reminding him of the time Liverpool fans printed t shirts saying "We're gonna win the league" as well as welcoming their players into Anfield by enthusiastically singing this was the year they were going to win their first league title since 1990 only for their captain to slip and banish any chance of doing so. That would have been too easy though.

I begin to get ready for work. I can't wait to see everyone at work. All those football fans at work who will now remind me Arsenal can't win the league after losing to West Ham. Without their knowledge I am nothing.

Before leaving I login to Twitter, it turns out Arsenal don't have any chance of winning the title unless they sign all the world class players in the world. Every one of them. There's £200 million in the bank don't you know? Petr Cech, it appears, was not a good signing. Mourinho is laughing at us. Also, Karim Benzema has had a medical at Arsenal according to a Venezuelan model. His forty seventh medical this week I think.

I've missed this. The eternal feeling of despair after Arsenal record a poor result. Wondering why I do this for a hobby. Why following Arsenal has to be "my thing." Why couldn't I just like arts and crafts instead? We await eagerly Arsenal's next fixture so they can have the opportunity to put things right again. So then we can spend the days in between Arsenal's fixtures happy and carefree. My wife hates the fact Arsenal's results have the ability to play havoc with my mood (let alone my weight and drinking habits). I've tried to change this. I can't. I'm too far down the rabbit hole.

On Sunday, at around 1pm, I was with friends with whom I share the highs and lows of Arsenal's football season. We were happy and optimistic this year could be the year Arsenal win the title. Confidence was high ahead of the game, we expected a win. Arsenal lost. The midfield just couldn't click, Giroud appeared isolated up front, our new 'keeper had a couple of howlers and Arsenal appeared to play an incredibly narrow game. West Ham on the other hand were excellent and thoroughly deserved their victory.

Conversation after the game turned to the usual football talk; where it went wrong, who should have started where, who we should sign etc. Some opinions shared, some not, but not one of us wrote off the idea of the title being over. Not one of us wrote off Cech after one bad performance.

On Sunday morning many were tipping Arsenal for the title. The general view being that whilst we were still not the overwhelming favourites we were definitely in with a good chance. Cech was going to make a huge difference and keeping our key players injury free would be vital.

Come Monday Arsenal didn't have a hope in hell unless Benzema and a world class defensive midfielder arrived immediately. Oh and Özil was crap again. Only Özil and Cech. Target Özil even though Ramsey, Cazorla and Coquelin all had games to forget as well why don't you? Even Oxlade-Chamberlain, our best player on the day, was distinctly average.  

Football journalism, media outlets associated with football and fans can think wildly short term. Yes, Arsenal lost. Yes, Arsenal were poor. But Arsenal still have a squad that contains arguably between four to six genuine world class players. Arsenal are still the holders of the FA Cup, they still went on a run last season that saw them as the most in-form team in Europe from January until early May.

Let's talk about Arsenal's chances after ten games, or better yet see where we finish in May. In my opinion there is no excuse for Arsenal to not seriously challenge for the title this season and for what it's worth I still believe we'll win it. One loss doesn't change my thinking on that. Crystal Palace away might appear as daunting as the Nou Camp right now but Arsenal have an opportunity to make the world a happy place again. Let's hope they take it, there's thirty seven games to go and one hundred and eleven points to play for. 

And I can't handle too many more twelve inch pizzas for breakfast.

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