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Selling Gnabry a Bigger Loss than First Thought?

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When Serge Gnabry departed Arsenal in the summer of 2016, most saw it as a frustrated youngster taking an opportunity - and a risk - in order to gain more first team appearances. Gnabry had been at the club for five years - albeit there was an ill-fated loan move to West Brom sandwiched in that time - and the promising German had made a paltry ten appearances in an Arsenal shirt. So who could have blamed Gnabry when he announced he was returning to his native country? Ten chances in what amounts to be four and a half seasons does not appear to be a fair crack of the whip.

Some lamented his departure, but few would have seen the immediate impact the talented wide man would go on to make at his new club, Werder Bremen. Gnabry’s new employers are languishing perilously close to the drop zone this season, and their fans are in dire need of a ray of hope. Gnabry is currently illuminating them with his on the pitch exploits, and in turn, reminding those who lacked faith in him in London that he has the goods causing many to bet Arsenal would finish the season stronger with him in the squad. So needless to say, that the current Gunners placement on the Premier League’s Table is a letdown for many football bettors.

In just 21 games, Gnabry has grabbed 10 goals. That is a goal ratio of one in every two games. Impressive stats from a wide player, more so when you take his age into account. With every goal he scores the decision to allow Gnabry to leave the Gunners looks more foolish.

It isn’t only on a domestic level that Serge has flourished. Since leaving London, his displays in the green and white of Werder Bremen have earned him international recognition for Germany. Arsenal received fair warning about his true level and what he could achieve, just weeks before he left the club.

Gnabry was called up to the German Olympic football team for the 2016 Olympic games in Brazil, and he won the silver medal - scoring six goals along the way which made him joint top scorer of the tournament. It was a real signal that the winger was ready to make the step up to trusted first teamer for the Gunners. Instead, Gnabry chose to leave.

Arsenal are struggling at present, with an embarrassing Champions League exit at the hands of Bayern Munich only compounding calls for manager Arsène Wenger to finally call it a day after over two decades at the club. A vibrant player full of confidence could have proven to be a real boost to the club - but instead, Gnabry’s skills are on display in Germany rather than England.

On his current trajectory, Gnabry is set to be a huge player for one of the top clubs in the near future. Arsenal had him in their grasp, and it looks like they could well come to regret giving him an easy exit. 

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