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Who Needs MSN When You Have WEI?

I jest. Barcelona showed last night why they are the best team on the planet - a little trio dubbed MSN; Messi, Suarez and Neymar. Fight as Arsenal might, most teams will leave a two-legged match with Barcelona as the losing side. It can be argued there was some valiance to Arsenal's displays as they created plenty of chances to score and as deserved as Barca's win was the aggregate score possibly flatters them. Were it not for a lot of wayward finishing from Arsenal it might have been a closer aggregate contest - although you'd probably still back Barcelona to emerge triumphant.

Positives Arsenal can take from the game is that despite Barcelona's overpowering attack and sensational midfield they still managed to created a full 20 chances. Above all else it is the effort of WEI - Welbeck, Elneny and Iwobi - that Arsenal can take the most pride in.

This season has seen Arsenal go from title favourites to disjointed bumblers in a matter of a few short months. Much of this malaise has been planted firmly at the manager's feet but it should not be argued against that the players must share the blame equally. Mesut Özil, Bellerin, Cech, Monreal and Joel Campbell aside the rest of the team has been so far below par at times they've not even been on the scorecard. The manager has persisted with a dry Giroud, a misfiring and increasinly desperate looking Alexis, a ennui drenched Walcott and a terrifyinly bad Flamini to name but a few. It has cost him.

However, last night, with Arsenal certain to go out the manager rolled the dice with Welbeck, Elneny and Iwobi starting the match. They were outstanding. Their effort cannot be questioned and if Arsenal persist with them for the rest of the season and encourage the rest of the team to follow their lead then it's well worth using one of these promotional codes to get some good odds on Arsenal pushing up the table.

This season is far from over and there are plenty of twists and turns left. It's unlikely that Arsenal will win the title but it's certainly possible they can celebrate a 21st consecutive St Totteringham's Day. It will require a perfect finish from Arsenal but if they can play the remaining nine games like they did last night, harrying and harrassing the opposition for the ball, looking to break quickly and passing with freedom and confidence they'll be hard to beat. It requires some work on finishing on the training ground as that has been Arsenal's great handicap this season.

Elneny's goal was the reward for not only a great strike but the willingness to take an early shot. Far too many Arsenal players would happily have controlled that and looked for a pass rather than hit it first time and that's part of our problem. Elneny, a fresh face in this Arsenal squad, has not yet been fully indoctrinated in our ways and hit it first time. The early shot caught the keeper unprepared and we got our reward, albeit it rather irrelevant one in the end.

If Arsenal were willing to do that more often I'm certain we would be rewarded with more goals. We won't catch the keeper off guard every time and it won't always nestle so delightfully in the top corner but it might lead to some more corners to attack or even a few spilled balls in the box. With Welbeck leading the line we have a player able and willing to take a chance in the box and be alert for the second ball. Joining him is Iwobi who is really starting to look the part and also never gives up on a ball.

Should Wenger persist with that trio the increased effort might just see Arsenal get a little more out of this season than their recent showings deserve.

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