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The Interlull Is Welcome For Once

Ah the interlull.... What a paradox you are. You're a welcome sight for an Arsenal team in need of a breather to prepare for the last desperate assault on the title but we also hate that you exist. The international break is a blessing and a worry for Arsenal. A lot of our squad get time to recuperate but sadly it's players like Flamini would get time off to refresh ahead of the next match which he'll undoubtedly play after we lose an important player to an injury in a pointless friendly.

Why we need an international break this late in the season is beyond me. We already suffer from a fixture pile up and these additional fixtures combined with a lack of a winter break often means our players are bushed at the end of the season. Then international tournaments come around and the leagues with a winter break tend to do far better than England who at best crash out at quarter-finals. Then club players return from the summer tournaments knackered and the cycle starts again. It's why such breaks are so loathed.

Facing the prospect of no league football this weekend many will turn to supporting their international side despite loathing the break and preferring to see club football but what about those who dislike international football? There are plenty of fans who have no interest in international games so what can they do this weekend?

Well, with it being a long weekend due to Easter I'm sure they could find plenty around the house to do, I've got a guest room to paint, a lawn to mow, a fence to fix and two cars to wash. Will I get it all done? Probably not! This weekend will consist mainly of tidying the garden ready for the kids' Easter egg hunt but other than that I'll be chilling out and hoping for some sunshine. Failing a weekend of good weather I'll take advantage of the kids being occupied painting eggs and not hogging the TV or computer to have a few spins on, finally unwrap Fallout 4, play chief taster to the hot cross buns that'll be baking and hopefully get out to see Batman vs Superman.

When I think about it I'm actually quite pleased at the prospect of not having any football to watch. Football dominates my life. I plan everything around it. This season has been awful to watch and has mostly left me in moods for days after each match so whilst I want to see Arsenal carry on with their improved style of play, passion and determination I also want a breather. I want to reset. I need to purge the bad results and I think there's something left in this season for us so I don't want it to end just yet, I just want to hit pause for a week and this break lets me do it.

I still loathe international breaks but this one might just be doing me a favour.

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