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Can Walcott's Return Stop Another Slip-up?

Match Preview: Arsenal v. Burnley – Premier League 01.11.2014

On paper, they don’t come much easier than this. Newly promoted Burnley have looked just bit over their heads—winless, worst goal differential in the league, winless away from Turf Moor…in other words, precisely the kind of banana peel one would expect Arsenal to slip on.

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Last Years Top 6 - Where are they now?

My Attempts at Humour

Yawn. I'm tired and I suppose to keep in tradition with my abhorrent writing style I should preface this drivel by saying my views are in no way a reflection of the views held by Goonersphere or the Goonersphere Podcast or any of their debauchery-ridden subsidiaries. My views instead stem from a reasonably adequate childhood, a grammar school upbringing and a general naivety that can be both endearing and frustrating, or so I'm told.

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Arsenal Makes You Stress But Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

For anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have had the @GoonerspherePod unleashed upon their unwitting eardrums and grey matter - you will no doubt be aware of the amount of times I lose my composure and become apoplectic. 

In this battleground we call modern life there is a plethora of incendiary items that are designed for the sole purpose of teasing that unappetizing vein that pops out on your forehead when you are vexed. Things that many people are unaffected by but when mitigating circumstances are obstructing you from a smooth passage through work and home - they can morph even the Saintliest into a frothing, seething ball of rage.

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Is Theo Still A Tactical Fit For Arsenal?

Arsenal have waited a long time to be able to reintroduce Theo Walcott back into the fray. The England forward’s attributes are, by now, reasonably obvious and it’s equally apparent as to why a player with Walcott’s qualities would be missed. In the final furlong of the 2013-14 season, shorn of Ramsey, Özil and Theo, the Gunners became rather one paced and predictable. That Walcott and Özil have crossed one another like ships in the night is one of the minor tragedies of the last 12 months. It’s impossible to imagine the pair not enjoying one another’s company on the pitch very much indeed.

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